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Tipo Atunero Palangrero - GRP
Año Construcción 1994 /Rebuilt 2011 and 2017
Tonelaje 184.65 GT / 55.39 NT
Dimensiones 32,00 x 5,8 m
Acomodación 29 Persons
Capacidad de Bodega 174 M3
Motor Principal MTU 805 CV
Sistema Frigorífico Main Hold & Blast(FWD) : 22 HP compressor with matching condenser & evaporator , with two blower coils – 2ton Blast and 20Ton holding area. ■ Main Hold and Blast(Aft) : 35 HP compressor with matching condenser & evaporator and six blower coils – 2.5 ton Blast and 15 Ton holding area. ■ Main Deck Blast – 27HP compressor with matching condenser & evaporator , with two blower coils. Blasting capacity of 2.5 ton. ■ Freezer Bait Room – 7.5HP compressor with matching condenser & evaporator , with two blower coils. Will carry 700kgs of product ■ ■
Maquinaria de Cubierta The vessel is currently rigged for tuna longline with a Lindgren Pitman 45 mile reel. We operate with 3.5mm monofilament mainline, 6 hook boxes with 1500 hooks being fished. The gear also has 9 GPS Buoys and multiple large and bullet floats. ■ ■ The hydraulic system for fish line haulers is powered off direct drive PTO mounted on front of main engine which drives a hydraulic pump. ■ ■ The main hydraulic tank is situated in the forward portside corner of the engine room and has a carrying capacity of 750 litres. ■ ■ Most of the hydraulic piping outside of the engine room is 50mm thick walled steel. Inside the engine room there are steel reinforced high pressure rubber hoses. ■ ■ Hydraulics for steering system is belt driven hydraulic pump of engine mounted pulley. There is also a back-up hydraulic steering system where pump driven by electric motor. ■
Comentarios For tuna species she is registered with IOTC, ICCAT and CCSBT. ■ Vessel is very good conditions. ■ ■
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